All women have breasts that are affected by aging. The larger the breast and the more children a woman has had, the more the breasts are affected.

Clothing and different bras can improve your shape, however, it is still hard to stay confident in swim and exercise clothing. Dr. Eagan understands the frustrations and can help you find the best solutions to enhancing your confidence and leading a carefree life. Although you can wear pushup bras and swimsuits, it can be liberating to wear any top you want. There are many ways to enhance your breasts.

Dr. Eagan uses fat transfer, saline, silicone, and structured implants to increase the breasts’ size. A breast lift with an implant is sometimes used to help restore youthfulness to sagging and flat chests.

For larger breasted women that want to reposition their breasts, a breast lift or reduction is all that is needed. No matter what your breasts look like, Dr. Eagan is very sensitive to your concerns and helping you achieve a beautiful, natural result.

Scarless Breast Lift (THERMIBreast)

Using new technology, Dr. Eagan can offer a scarless breast lift using radiofrequency with THERMItight in a procedure called ThermiBreast. For those who are candidates, it offers a way to lift the tissues and can lead to improved firmness of the breast tissue.