Helping women live life confidently is one of Dr. Eagan’s passions. Therefore, female genital rejuvenation is important to her practice.

Urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, looseness and decreased sensation can affect any woman at any age.

Childbirth, medications and aging can make these changes occur more dramatically. Part of enhancing confidence includes allowing women to have sexual encounters without needing lubrication all the time or helping those that have decreased sensation and enjoyment.

Dr. Eagan has done research with multiple female genital rejuvenations technologies and has treated many women in the northern and southern California area.


She has found that THERMIva works best for her practice and patients. She has had great results and happy patients. The most common reasons for this treatment in her practice have been to help improve

  1. urinary leakage or urgency
  2. vaginal dryness

This method delivers heat into the tissues and has been shown to improve the lining of the tissues through biopsies. Her patient has found improved orgasms, tighter vaginal canal, tighter outer vulva, decreased urination at night, decreased need to run to the bathroom during the day, decreased urine leakage when coughing, jumping or laughing. This treatment is considered a maintenance treatment to help counteract the effects of aging and hormone changes.

Most treatments require 3 sessions 30 days apart with a “touch-up” when symptoms return (usually 6-18 months depending on your symptoms).

Before & After Photos