It is a wonderful time to live as the technology of plastic surgery is finally catching up with the wishes of the patients. Enhancing confidence is the reason Dr. Eagan loves being a plastic surgeon, but she knows that surgery is not the only way to do this. Matter of fact, most people would choose to avoid the surgical scars if they had the option of not having scars.

After trying multiple technologies to see which is the most effective, Dr. Eagan has found that heat using radiofrequency delivered under the skin at a certain temperature can tighten skin and melt fat (lipolysis). Using THERMItight, she can tighten almost any area of concern.

Amazingly, people are finding they can avoid or hold off on larger procedures. The recovery time is often less and the scars almost non-existent. As seen on “The Doctors,” a scarless breast lift can be performed to lift the breast into a more youthful position with a firmer feel. The abdomen can be tightened and thinned without surgery or multiple procedures. The arms can be tightened and thinned without any long incisional scars.

Your Secret “Hot” Makeover

This is the perfect solution if you want to keep your youthful secrets your secret. Dr. Eagan understands that people what to look more rested and youthful, and she delivers natural results. Aging affects us all, and with this secret “hot” makeover, you can age beautifully and live carefree.