Dr. Michelle M. Eagan is a highly-qualified and highly-skilled aesthetic plastic surgeon who received her training at one of the top aesthetic fellowships in the country.

She has extensive training and has completed five years of general surgery in Kansas City, three years of plastic surgery in St. Louis and an extra year in fellowship in Los Angeles. She specializes in enhancing the beauty that patients’ already possess. She focuses on natural, refreshed results to help create sophisticated, long-lasting beauty. She sees herself as a person who loves helping people feel good about themselves and where they are in life.

“Improving confidence so people can feel free to be who they are is a beautiful gift and very rewarding. It’s why I do what I do.”

– Dr. Eagan

Dr. Michelle Eagan received one of a kind training in the epicenter of aesthetic plastic surgery, Beverly Hills. She has completed 9 years of surgical training: completing general surgery and plastic surgery residencies with an extra year of fellowship at the University of Southern California.

“Dr. Eagan is a very unique woman; an educator, she listens, and is technically excellent. I would love to have her as my partner.”

– Drew Ordon, MD. Beverly Hills. Star of TV show “The Doctors.”

Dr. Eagan has worked with some of the greats in plastic surgery, including Dr. W. Grant Stevens, Dr. Jay Calvert and Dr. Drew Ordon. Dr. Drew Ordon is well-known from the show, The Doctors, who has said, “Dr. Eagan is one of the greatest plastic surgeons [he has] worked with. She has excellent hands and personality.” She was asked to be his partner but chose to move to San Francisco with her family.

During the past few years, she has been active in her specialty societies, presenting at several national plastic surgery society meetings. She is an advocate for all, but especially women and is a member of the Women Surgeon’s Committee for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

More Than Just Surgery

“More than just surgery” is Dr. Eagan’s motto when it comes to helping people. There are so many ways to help people naturally enhance their beauty with both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Dr. Eagan listens to each patient’s unique situation and strives to help them regain the confidences in the most effective manner.

Dr. Eagan will always offer personal, empathetic and comprehensive care. She will offer you a holistic approach to enhancing your beauty and confidence.